Marrying My
Best Friend

Our Chardonnay is unoaked, allowing for a very versatile food wine. The tropical fruit, peach and melon aromas pair perfectly with appetizers, a variety of seafood, white meats, and spicy dishes because of its mild sweetness and acidity. It has a full mouth feel with a lingering crisp finish. 

Semi-soft cheeses, Olives and bread, Shellfish, White meats, Spicy dishes

Engagement Announcement
Engagement Parties
Rehearsal Dinner
Wedding showers


Love Of My Life

Cabernet Sauvignon, often called the “king of red grapes” has a rich deep color with ripe berry aromas and blackberry with pepper notes.  It has moderate tannins and a lush mouthfeel with a toasty finish.

Beef, Lamb, Pork, Venison, Duck, Cheddar Cheese, Pears, Peaches.

Wedding Proposal
Wedding Showers
Rehearsal Dinner
Commitment Ceremony
Valentines Day
Birth of a baby


We Did It!

Our "We Did It!" Brut is the driest of the sparkling wines, lending it to being considered the “food-pairing champion.” Our Brut Sparkling Wine has a light golden color and a lovely effervescence. It displays aromas of green apple, nectarine with biscuit and a refreshing fruity flavor with a yeasty nuance. On the palate it has a refreshing, fruity flavor followed by a lingering, delightful finish. It pairs beautifully with appetizers including aged-hard cheeses and nuts while bringing out the flavor of seafood, especially lobster and fresh crab. Enjoy with any pasta or risotto, especially with a cream sauce, although avoid tomato based sauce, as it’s too acidic. Our Brut is delicious with a wide range of desserts, but is best with berries, shortbread and pound or angel cake and lemony desserts. Enjoy with food or just sip to celebrate life’s best moments!

Aged-hard cheeses, Almonds, Smoked salmon, Clams, Oysters, Caviar, Fried calamari, Stuffed mushrooms, Risotto with cream sauce, Berries with shortbread

Getting Married
Wedding Toasts
Opening a Business
Selling a Business
Adopting a Child
Adopting a Pet
Buying a Boat
Buying a Home
Merging Two Families
Graduation from College
Accomplishing something on your bucket list
Finishing a Marathon
Team Achievement



SAVE by ordering our TRIO, including one bottle each of Love Of My Life Cabernet Sauvignon, Marrying My Best Friend Chardonnay and We Did It! Sparkling Wine. We're delighted to offer a 25% discount on the TRIO. A wonderful way to sample each of our wines. Taste it, try it, celebrate with it!