nick and janet

our roots

The idea for Life is Grand Wines began when my fiancé (now my husband) and I were shopping for various wines for our own wedding. We visited several wine and liquor stores but were frustrated that we could find no labels that reflected how we felt about one another, and none were wedding related. We wanted the labels and names of the wines to be unique, and classy, with a wedding theme, and for the wines to be delicious and affordable. We couldn’t find them. We had to settle for wines that did not quite reflect our sentiment for this momentous occasion.

That very evening the idea for Life is Grand Wines was born! Being the entrepreneur that I am, I decided to launch my own wine business. If I couldn’t find it, I’d make it! Partnering with well-established and award-winning wineries in California’s central coast, known for its sunshine, unique soil, and healthy, rich, ripe grapes, we’ve developed delicious wines with names and labels perfect for celebrating life’s best moments. Life is grand... enjoy!

Janet DeMarco